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Analysis of an engine flooding incident resulting in CTL of an ASD Tug

Analysis of an engine flooding incident resulting in constructive total loss of an ASD tug


On 10th October 2015, during oil rig operation, ASD tug came into contact with the oil rig which caused the engine to be flooded with subsequent foundering and final sinking of the tug boat.

Details of the incident

During oil rig operation on above date, ASD tug boat encountered heavy weather despite of received update weather report from concerned parties well in advance and used inadequate length of towing wire, consequently caused the master to be unable to control the vessel properly, which the ASD’s hull came in contact with hanging anchor of the oil rig.


Water began to enter the engine room through a side rupture approximately 50x7 cm, a bilge pump used by engineers but it was unable to stem the flow, and ship’s engine room was evacuated after black out which happened due to raise of water level.

Apparently the crew did not tackle the emergency situation as effectively as it was required. Later on nearby divers were able to bring the flooding under control for few hours but as the vessel was dead on black out situation in rough sea, eventually the vessel was sunk without any loss of life.

Causes of the incident

Although limited information was available, but below results could be consider:

- Master was not able to judge efficiently, the weather situation, according to the weather forecast received well in advance.

-Master who was in charge of operation was not able to maneuver the vessel professionally in heavy weather.

- A risk assessment plan had not been completed prior to work commencement as stated, including basic contingency preparations.

-On board training or drills had not been completed, which hampered the crew’s ability to respond any emergencies effectively to prevent flooding of ASD tug.

-No effective safety management system was adopted on board the vessel.



-The application of safety management system across the off shore fleet vessels to be improved.

-The quality and standard of manning policy for off shore fleet vessels to be improved.  

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