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P&I Entry accepted as evidence for finantial security required under MLC


  (P & I Entry as Evidence for Financial Security Required under MLC)


The MLC entered force on 20.Aug.2013. States who have already ratified MLC; confirmed that an IG club certificate of entry will evidence financial security.

The list of member states who have confirmed that an IG Club certificate of entry should be acceptable evidence of a ship-owners' financial security is now up to 31:

1. Australia

2. Antigua & Barbuda
3. Bahamas

4. Barbados

5. Canada

6.   Cayman Islands (have agreed to accept C of E, but the Convention has not been extended)

7.   Cyprus

8. Denmark
9. Greece 

10.  Isle of Man (in force from 20/8/13 following UK's ratification on 7 August)

11.  Japan

12. Kiribati
13. Liberia

14. Malta

15. Marshall Islands
16. Morocco

17. Norway

18. Panama
19. Philippines

20. Palau

21. Poland

22.   Russia  (C of E is acceptable unless we are advised to the contrary) 

23.   Singapore

24. Spain 
25. Sweden

26. Switzerland

27. St Kitts & Nevis

28. St Vincent & Grenadines

29. Togo
30. Tuvalu

31. UK (UK ratified on 7 August)

The IG continue to hold a dialogue with  other member states but many of them are still in the process of implementing their national legislation through their respective legislative systems and as such the accompanying policies and guidelines have yet to be finalised and published.

    News Group   :   Bulletines Date    :   2013/07/05 ساعت    :   15:59:46
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